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PLEXIS Pilates: Feel the Stretch!

What’s the best thing about Tuesdays, besides it being one day closer to the weekend? Pilates class of course!  Every Tuesday PLEXIS offers an on-site Pilates Class. The class focus is different each week, sometimes more Pilates or more Yoga, but always a good mixture of both.  Nikki Laford of Southern Oregon Pilates is very in tune with her students.



Every week she asks the class how we are feeling and if there are any particular issues she should to be aware.  This information assists her in directing the class and helping us tune into specific areas of our bodies. She demonstrates both basic and advanced positions for every pose. She also takes note of each individual’s proficiency level so that she can help improve form, even when you think you’re already doing it correctly.


Not only do I enjoy Pilates at PLEXIS, but it has expanded my workout routine as well. I have been taking fitness classes at the gym and walking every day for many years, however that only took care of cardio and strength training. Now with Pilates I can add stretching and flexibility to my weekly fitness regime.

Who doesn’t get stiff and sore from sitting in front of a computer all day?  I know I use to. Even still a lot of people say that the reason they can’t take a Pilates class is because they are too busy with work. However, when they finally do they not only feel better, but more productive at their job because their neck, back and shoulders no longer ache.

Besides feeling better and being more productive, once you fill out your punch card, which equals about 12 classes, you’ll receive a $12 gift card for the Ashland Food Co-op. So it’s a win-win!


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