Aly Hollewijn

Director of Administration

PLEXIS Participates: No Shave November

PLEXIS is excited to announce that we are joining nearly 15 other local companies in participating in a large “No Shave November” fundraiser. The funds from this fundraiser will be donated to a local charity through the Asante Foundation called the Cancer Compassion Fund. We already have a handful of employees excited to participate and have some pretty inspiring personal stories to accompany their efforts.

Donate to our cause and help Team PLEXIS win! You can also read some amazing and heartfelt stories on the donation page!

Click to Donate!

What exactly are you donating to?

We are working with Asante to ensure all of the funds raised stay local and are donated to the Cancer Compassion Fund. If you’ve never heard of the Cancer Compassion Fund, it’s a fund to help cancer patients with extra items they may need while fighting the good fight. Some examples are: gas money to get to and from treatments, special lotions to help with rashes that aren’t covered by insurance, wigs, etc.

Stay tuned for more information but in the meantime, donate to our team so we can give to a great cause… its tax deductible!


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