Anna Fusco

Office Services Manager

PLEXIS Bootcamp: Fit and Ready!

PLEXIS Boot Camp was a diverse workout within walking distance of any Plexicans desk, which was definitely a plus. Not to mention it was a great stress release. It encouraged me to step away from my desk for a bit. I was highly active during the walking challenge and from that I have really learned the importance of cardio. I feel like boot camp is a great way to help me learn the benefits of working my muscles. Not only that, but the trainer, Sarah Holgen of Maxime Fitness Club is motivating and super encouraging.  The team spirit and bonding with my co-workers from  other departments is great, I think it has really benefited my work relationships as well.   This class was so dynamic and made me feel so much stronger than any sessions I had done at the gym on my own. I could definitely tell a huge difference after the 5 weeks of classes and it made me feel so much better about my fitness level. The boot camp really made me want to push myself even more. Not to mention that so many other Plexicans were able to participate in the boot camp and really enjoyed the class.


Derek Wild stated that the boot camp was a fantastic asset to the PLEXIS Wellness Program. He had never, ever been a “workout” kind of guy. He even shied away from participating in any of the gym benefits here at PLEXIS. That was until he decided to “force” himself to participate in the PLEXIS Boot Camp. Derek feels he wouldn’t be on the pathway to wellness that he is today without the opportunity to attend the boot camp at the office. He feels great and couldn’t do it without the benefits of PLEXIS. He is so grateful to be able to participant in comfortable surroundings with his peers. He felt Sarah was wonderful at assessing each person and molding the workout sessions to fit all levels of participation.  Sentiments echoed by Staci Pazqueda as she stated, “I am not by any means the fitness guru, but Sarah recognizes my inability to be really coordinated and helped improve my form so that I could work out safely and effectively.”

Everyone enjoyed the classes so much that we decided to continue to offer the boot camp. Sarah currently teaches boot camp at PLEXIS on Wednesdays and additional days as desired by Plexicans.



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