Aly Hollewijn

Director of Administration

PLEXIKids Now Open!

PLEXIkidsAugust 1st 2015 marked the official opening of PLEXIKids, our FREE onsite babysitting service. PLEXIS cannot be more excited about adding another family friendly benefit to our overall benefit package.

As our CEO Jorge Yant mentioned in our last company pep rally “…I love it! You can bring your dog to work and now your kids too!”


PLEXIS has always taken a family friendly approach to our way of doing business. For years employees have been empowered to bring their kids into work whenever they need. Now with PLEXIKids we are able to allow parents to have a place where their kids can be watched with a fully equipped staff.

PLEXIKids sits in the back of our building in bright and fresh rooms that are full of fun and exciting supplies. We never exceed more than three kids at a time which allows for a lot of interaction with the staff and other kids. Our ages are currently ranging from one year to six years.

We have long term goals/dreams of allowing more kids at a time and setting up small work stations for parents to use while their kids are “working” at PLEXIKids.




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