Renee Yomtob

Front Office Administrator

Pear Blossom Run: A Team Effort


When I turned 9 I gave up individual sports such as ballet and gymnastics and made the jump,or should I say plié, to team sports. So my life has always revolved around practice schedules, games, and team events. I like to think that it was the team dynamic that my younger self was in search for, but there is a good chance the decision was driven purely by my short attention span and the knowledge that the softball team got Otter Pops and Sunny D’s after every practice. Although, once I got involved, being part of a group began to resonate with me. So much so, that it brought me to Southern Oregon University to play volleyball.  However once my volleyball career ended in 2013, the external motivation provided by my teammates, structured workouts and competitiveness came to a stop.




I had to re learn how to stay disciplined and it wasn’t until I came to PLEXIS that I really began to feel the benefits of a team atmosphere again. The numerous resources available as well as encouragement from my colleagues motivated me to resume a healthy lifestyle. Recently, the Wellness Committee announced that PLEXIS employees would have the opportunity to participate in the Pear Blossom Run.



So I signed up thinking that the run would be an individual activity, but was pleasantly surprised to find enormous support coming from the other PLEXIS runners. The support  ran, pun very much intended, from the moment employees signed up and hasn’t stopped since. There’s something special about PLEXIS. Plexicans have found a way to intertwine the team aspect I love with the individual competitiveness that comes so naturally to me. Thanks to the PLEXIS management team support, I am quickly getting back to peak performance and the healthy lifestyle team sports brought into my life so many years ago. It is refreshing working with a company that pushes you to excel in work, play and health.



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