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Box R Ranch 2015

In a tradition that sounds like it comes from a movie, the staff at PLEXIS trekked up the mountain to Box R Ranch – a tradition that has spanned the whole 19 years of the company’s history!  These retreats invite all employees and their families to spend a weekend together in a weekend of teepee sleeping, gourmet meal eating, and campfire gathering camping.  One might (and I definitely did) end up calling it “glamping.” 

IMG_0306 IMG_0328








Here’s a bit of a breakdown from this fantastic weekend: 

Food devoured – 200+ pounds

Climbers brave enough to challenge volcanic rock wall – 15

Paintballs shot – 3500

Water sliders – 50 people, 1 canoe

PLEXIKids craft projects – 45

S’mores eaten – Too many to count!  

Add all of that to the more than 40 hours of activities and excitement and you get some very happy, if not incredibly tired, employees and families.   


If you joined us for the Box R Retreat, what were some of your favorite memories for the weekend?  Let us know in the comments section!



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