A Day in the Life of an Office Dog: Samson Follett

Sammy 2Its 7:00am and my master (aka Dad) is getting his last details ready before he hits the road to head into our office. I’m in bed debating if I need to go in today. Dad has talked about the meetings we have scheduled and I know we are getting close to our release date but today I just want to lay in bed and eat my kibbles in peace. As the morning progresses and everyone is about to head out the door, it hits me, I AM GOING TO BE ALONE ALL DAY! In a quick effort to get presentable I toss my ears back, shake off the night, and jet for the door.


As we head into our office I come down from the last minute adrenaline rush of barely making it out the door. I take a look at my workday calendar, it seems that I made the right decision to come in:

  • Linda and I have our Technical Roadmap Discussion
  • Crystalyn has some questions regarding a couple of new tools the team is using
  • Chris wants to go to the gym at lunch which means I get to sit at moms Desk again
  • Pete wants a status update on the upcoming release and projected resourcing.

As the day plays out I take care of these meetings and questions but I let dad talk through our answers and brainstorms. Today is just like any other, I am called to meetings where I sit and contemplate at the windows or Dad and I take some walks to get some vitamins, kombucha (his favorite), and treats from my co-workers’ desk (my favorite). When dad is working on his black box with four attached screens I take a nap to help refresh myself for the next round of meetings or treat gathering.

Since I have come on at PLEXIS I have noticed many great changes in my lifestyle but I will say my favorite benefit is that I can bring my human to work. He seems to behave himself, he has not had any accidents (that we know of), and he seems to contribute to the overall culture of the company.

Everyday I contemplate getting out of my cozy bed, it seems that mornings are getting earlier and earlier but once I have had my morning dose of fresh air, kibbles, and treats I never regret the decision to come into the office and be with some of my favorite people.



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