The PLEXIS wellness vision

A letter from our founder and CEO


Eighteen years ago, I started PLEXIS from my garage with the aspiration to create a new kind of company that would change the healthcare industry for the better. Based out of our homes in Ashland, Oregon, our nine-person team worked tirelessly to develop a world-class information system that allowed PLEXIS to not only enter a field that was dominated by much larger companies, but eventually become an industry leader in the global payer community.

Today, nearly one hundred organizations use PLEXIS software to manage over 50 million lives across four continents and throughout the United States. The standard of excellence across our products and services is a clear reflection of the passion and talent that permeates the PLEXIS culture.

I believe our success begins with an investment at the individual level. The primary goal of the PLEXIS Wellness Program is to promote work/life balance through creativity, health, individuality, family, and community. Our six founding principles of wellness provide a blueprint for a culture that is truly awesome.

As we continue to invest in our people, the future of PLEXIS looks brighter than ever.


Jorge Yant


CEO and Founder, PLEXIS

The blueprint of our great company

The six wellness principles that drive the PLEXIS culture


The 6 Founding Principles of the PLEXIS Wellness Program

#1 Work/Life Balance
#2 Relationships
#3 Health
#4 Creativity
#5 Community
#6 Fun

Work/Life Balance
Plexicans enjoying the 20+ miles of hiking trails located within walking distance of the PLEXIS offices.

Work/Life Balance

We work to live, not live to work – always encouraging a healthy work/life balance.

Flexible schedules, generous vacation time, and family events and activities help our Plexicans to focus on all aspects of their lives. See how our large package of benefits promote work/life balance.
Sammy poses for the camera during a PLEXIS staff meeting. PLEXIS treasures its relationships, especially the four legged, furry kind.


We value our greatest assets, our people and relationships, with the utmost respect and compassion.

We take pride in the strength of our relationships with each other, our partners, and our community. At PLEXIS, our casual culture provides a laid back environment for our team to connect, collaborate, and thrive. See more of our culture and the value of relationships on our blog.
Plexicans taking a midday Pilates class. Classes are offered weekly in the PLEXIS gym.


We should always nurture and promote physical and mental well being.

On-site massage and chiropractic, Kombucha bar with vitamins and supplements, and company fitness challenges are just a few ways we are keeping our Plexicans healthy. See more of the healthy benefits PLEXIS offers.
Plexicans socializing over some Kombucha and healthy snacks at our Brain Bar.


We must provide an environment that stimulates creativity and lateral thinking.

With over 59,000 square feet, Plexicans have a lot of space outside of the cube. Meetings at the brain bar or over a game of pool, table tennis, or basketball are frequent and encouraged.
PLEXIS Headquarters is based in the heart of downtown beautiful Ashland, Oregon.


We continually contribute to the local and global communities that give so much to PLEXIS.

We have deep ties to our community and work hard to make it a better place for both Plexicans and the people we share it with.

Laughter + Fun
CEO and founder, Jorge Yant, in the middle of a meeting over a game of pool in the PLEXIS gym

Laughter + Fun

We take our obligations, our craft, and our success seriously, not ourselves.

Friday breakfasts, dog-friendly offices, and daily impromptu trips to the local coffee shop provide our team with healthy distraction and plenty of good times.

Join our rapidly growing team, experience the PLEXIS culture, and make a global impact in a global community.