Brett Bosshart

Sales Manager

Steps Challenge: Work Hard Play Hard

Brett BosshartWhen it came time to decide where to attend college, because Yale, Stanford, and Harvard all “fell through” at the last minute, my focus was on the outdoor activities available to me when I “signed up” to a particular educational institution. I spent a total of 8 years living the dream and going to college at Montana State University in beautiful Bozeman, Montana (and no, it did not take me 8 years to graduate!). While there, I pulled trout from some of the best fly fishing rivers on earth and hunted elk, deer, antelope, waterfowl and upland game over some of the most beautiful territory in the world.  However, I soon realized that hunting and fishing were expensive hobbies and therefore I was as poor as a church mouse.


Armed with my Midwestern style work ethic and the skills from my Business Management degree from Montana State, networking through my peers I found Plexis; a company with a great leadership team, a solid and emerging customer base, and a set of products that were proven in the marketplace.  But most importantly, I found a diamond in the rough – a company that was NOT located in a concrete jungle, did NOT required an endless daily commute in a quest to have it all, and did NOT require their employees to burn the candle at both ends. Plexis not only respected individuals that were willing to work hard, but more importantly individuals that could work smart.


When the Steps Challenge was announced it seemed like a perfect fit. I knew I would be out hiking, fishing or hunting but as the weather was changing it was getting a little tougher to get out there. But it isn’t just about my hobbies; it is also about the time I spend at work. I work at a standing desk but I can still be very stagnant, so the Steps Challenge has encouraged me to get out and take a breather between calls, meetings or during projects. I have come to realize the importance of keeping your mind healthy; I am far more productive to Plexis when I step away from my work to walk around the building or go workout at SNAP Fitness next door.

Being outdoors is a high priority for me but the reality is I spend plenty of time in our office so this challenge has really opened my eyes to how much more I need to move during the day. Before we started this I would have told you I was an active person during the week but now I will tell you I am becoming an active person!



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