Anna Fusco

Office Services Manager

Steps Challenge: Staying Motivated!

There are two significant lessons that I have learned from this challenge. The first is how important consistency is and the second is just how difficult developing a daily fitness routine can be. Although having Hawaii as a grand prize is a great motivator I’ve had to remind myself, on multiple occasions, what was at stake and peel myself off the couch just to get those much needed steps in.



Sometimes going to the gym was too much of an endeavor so on those nights I would walk around in circles in my living room to make sure I made my daily goal. Stepping at work was also difficult as I am often glued to my computer answering emails. So being able to reach my goal and find the time to step at work was a great accomplishment. Having friends at work to participate in the challenge with and set up walking meetings with made reaching that goal a whole lot easier as well. Not to mention walking 3 miles at lunch everyday keeps the motivation up and ensures that I stayed on the right track. I have noticed a lot of changes since starting this challenge.

One in particular is an increase in my stamina. I can run a 10 minute mile and I can run the first two miles flat without stopping. Something I couldn’t imagine doing before this challenge started. I am also already signed up for three 5K’s in the next couple months and I plan on doing a few more before the year is done. I didn’t think I would be ever be excited to run more than a mile let alone 3.2, but this challenge has made me more active and motivated to push myself to be healthier. At this rate I can run a half marathon in no time and treat myself to new shoes in the process. I also love the competitiveness and drive that employees have shown in this competition. I have yet to see a fitness event/challenge go over this well with employees. It’s great to see everyone supporting and pushing each other right up to the end of the challenge.





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