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Steps Challenge: How Stepping Became Second Nature!

As the steps challenge is coming to a close I’ve started to look back at my previous days steps to see how often I cleared my personal goal of 10k steps a day. For the most part, I cleared 10k or at least came close. I‘ve also noticed that I don’t need to look at my numbers at the end of the day anymore.


I know the number of steps it takes to go about my normal habits and routine. Which is making it easier to determine how well I am doing each day.

  • A walk to Oak Street building and back is about 1500 steps
  • A 53 minute run on the treadmill is about 7000 steps
  • 45 minutes on the elliptical is about 4000 steps
  • A 7 mile trail run is about 10000 steps but a 7 mile road run is only 8000
  • Walk the dogs with my dad and brother 6000 steps (and 4 tired dogs)


I didn’t change my normal routine throughout the entire challenge. I ran 3 times a week, elliptical 2 days and on the 6th day a long walk with my dogs or bike ride. This has been my winter routine for the past few years. It did, however, motivate me to not take as many rest days. This is something I did more often in past winters.


I probably will not continue to wear my Fitbit after the challenge, but I do plan on wearing it for a few events that I have coming up. Which are:

  • A trail run race in Ashland this coming weekend
  • The 10 mile Pear Blossom Run
  • The 155 mile road bike ride, The MS Ride, this summer in Oregon

I can’t wait to see how many steps I get for each of those activities. Hope to see you at one or more of the events racking up some steps of your own!



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