Santral Lusin

Marketing Coordinator

Friday Breakfast: Hash Browns, Bacon and Eggs…Oh my!

Many would argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and at Plexis we take that notion very seriously. So much so that every Friday there is a Department led breakfast. Sometimes it’s French toast with fruit, breakfast burritos or, as in the most recent Sales team endeavor, bacon, eggs and hash browns. Friday Breakfast began when two employees scheduled an 8am meeting on a Friday. Since everyone was coming in so early they decided to bring in bagels for the staff to enjoy.

This altruistic act gained traction and soon other employees were bringing in donuts or bagels for Friday meetings. It eventually morphed into a single department sponsored breakfast, but we quickly realized how much fun it would be for each department to get involved and to allow them the chance to make a breakfast of their choosing. Now we rotate through each department in the company every Friday. This allows employees to dazzle us with their cooking skills.

Even Ollie, our unofficial mascot, can’t help but drool over the tantalizing smells.


We’ve had the traditional bacon and egg breakfasts and a few out of the box ideas like rainbow waffles and breakfast pizza. Every now and then we’ll get nostalgic and bring back the coveted bagel breakfast! Each Friday is a different experience that brings our employees together and rewards the hard work we all do throughout the week.


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